Aug 20, 2006

I don't like the taste of green

"When I see equations, I see the letters in colours -- I don't know why. As I'm talking, I see vague pictures of Bessel functions from Jahnke and Emde's book, with light-tan j's, slightly violet-bluish n's, and dark brown x's flying around. And I wonder what the hell it must look like to the students." - Richard Feynman.

And I thought I was weird. I never liked the way green tastes! It's just so green. I can't describe how green tastes, other than simply it is green. Even in green M&M's. Lighter greens are tolerable like in pale lettuce, or in guacamole, because it has often has yellow in it.

My friend Paul told me one time I might have synaesthesia. And I was like, I have WHAT? Well, he's kind of a hippie, so I thought that must be some authentic sounding hippie talk. Like, "If you're in touch with your inner soul, and made peace with yourself, you'll see the world in a different way" kind of thing. And I thought, of course, I'm at peace with myself. I happen to be my biggest fan!

A few days ago, I was reading about colors and then I came across an article on synaesthesia. The word comes from two ancient Greek words: syn, meaning together, and aisthesis, meaning feeling or sensing. It is more common in women than in men.

It is very interesting. In quite a number of cases, people associate something with colors. Like there are people who associate letters with colors. For example, to them A is red, B is blue, and so on. And they will always associate the same exact color with the same letter.

It is funny. I always thought English is blue Comic Sans, and Bisaya is brown handwriting. On the other hand, Tagalog makes me feel like I'm walking on tiptoes. Bol-anon is calming. Portuguese is different shades of pink.

I am definitely a red personality, while Darren, like Carlo, is a rich dark blue. My mom is a reddish-brown, while my grandmother, like Darren's Mom and Darrian, is white. Nick used to be white, but now he's bright blue, almost like Simon and Keenan. My sister is a light pink, even though she likes to think she's yellow. Haha! The only yellows I know are Laedevee and Tisha. Paul and Tom are orange. Sir Liwag is shiny slick black, and Jean Carla was bluegreen. And I never thought that was weird until a few days ago. Whoa!

Okay, it is freaky, but on the other hand, it came handy to me. I used to remember almost everything I wrote on my notebook(If I was actually paying attention when writing, not when I was thinking of something else while taking notes), and exactly which parts of the page things were on, and how it felt. Things are colorful to me. Of course, things that I didn't quite understand were gray. The Schroedinger equation? Totally gray, until I learned it, then it became silver-y and shiny. Now, its just back to gray.

I could be a synaesthete? Nahan ko ana da!

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