Dec 8, 2004

in defense of the saguaro and the epaulet

I'm working on a database of words to be used in a game very similar to the Pictionary. Some are very easy to draw and guess, others teeter on the impossible. Impossible, because they are simply so hard to portray in a picture, like 'receive' for example.

The interesting thing is that some people on the research team are considering removing words like 'saguaro' and 'epaulet' from the list. These words are fairly easy to draw and guess, why remove them? Because they're not common. Wouldn't it be great to learn what that giant cactus in cowboy movies and those funny yellow things on the shoulder of military uniforms are?

Knowing these things might come in useful someday, you know. It could come in handy in impressing a nice lady or in a million-dollar trivia game. It definitely is not bad to learn what a saguaro and an epaulet is. Not that knowing those words has brought me fame and fortune. But hey, knowledge is power.

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