Jun 8, 2005

Pilipinas featured in The World's Worsts (book by L. Krantz and S. Sveum)

Pilipinas featured in The World's Worsts (book by L. Krantz and S. Sveum)
The World's Worsts. A Compendium of the Most Ridiculous Feats, Facts, & Fools of All Time.
During a very bad bout of homesickness, we went to one of my new favorite places. Nope, not a restaurant. A bookstore called Borders. I found this book called The World's Worsts(by Les Krantz and Sue Sveum). Intriguing and had lots of fun potential. We bought it, thinking if we knew what the world's worsts are, then we'd get some idea on what NOT to do, buy, eat, etc.
Did the Philippines make it to the top 10 of any worst list? YUP. It's #4 on the Body Snatcher's Havens List, the book cites a study by British insurance company, Hiscox Group.
Guess what? Ang Bayan kong Pilipinas is the #1 Drug Traffic Mecca of the World, according to this book. It's information source? The latest on the CIA World Factbook. Of course, there is a chance that (hopefully) its not true, its already there, printed in ink in a book for everyone in the world to see. Ay! pagka-ulawa...
If drug trafficking was an Olympic event, we'd earn our first Olympic Gold. One can only wish that this is a case of bad publicity being better than no publicity at all. Tsk. tsk.
Imagine being very very homesick and this is what you read about home. Paita uy.

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