Nov 12, 2004

whatta friend

Whatta friend

It was her “lowest low”, she said. Miserable, desolate, and torturous aptly describe most of her days at work. Imagine working in an office full of people whose favorite pasttimes include trying to make you cry. That was her life.

How she survived it all is legendary. She has been called a scheming, conniving liar to her face. In front of majority of the office population who nod in agreement. And she didn’t even flinch.

In her darkest days, a knight in shining armor brought her strength. He stood up for her despite the fact that he looked like a fool and everyone in the room lost respect for him. He probably had his own agenda, in trying to protect her. People no longer cared that he was the highest ranking official in the office. They were convinced he was incredibly stupid. Still, he stood his ground.

I read somewhere that a friend will post your bail, but a real friend will be sitting in jail with you. After all, there are friends who would stick closer than a lover.

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