Mar 11, 2009

The Texter's Choice Burden

Last time I was in Cebu, I thought of watching the Miss Cebu pageant but I forgot when it was going to be. The other reason was that I got stuck in traffic (reminder to self: never think of driving from SM to Urgello when they decide to shut down major streets for a day-long parade). Later that night, I invited my cousin to drive back with me to Argao but he was stuck at the beauty pageant. Yeah, Lex, no thanks for not inviting me.

The next thing I heard about the beauty pageant was that there was a mistake about the Texter's Choice Award. They gave the award to the wrong person. Oops! Of course, we'd expect the organizers to apologize, set up an award ceremony somewhere (with lots of press) and give the award to the right person. Simple, right? Should be over in about a week.

That's not exactly what happened. I logged into Sunstar (Cebu newspaper) and guess what I just read? The actual winner's mom, Dr. Burden (I'm not kidding, that's her name) wants to take up the matter with the City Mayor. Are you kidding me? Never mind all the other important issues the Mayor has to deal with. Not to mention he had just arrived from months of chemotherapy in the States.

Seriously, Dr. Burden. It's already March. Graduation time. Get over yourself. You got the apologies of some of the people. Everybody knows your daughter rightfully own the award. Don't you think you're being a tad petty now?

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