Mar 9, 2009

jellybean, octomom and other stuff

jellybean updates

caveat: proud momma about to brag about her little one. JellyBean knows ALL the letters of the alphabet and can count to ten in English and Bisaya. He can do "Sampung Palaka" and "Row, row your boat" and a whole bunch of nursery rhymes. He loves to build little towers with his blocks and make them come tumbling down.

I've been hoping his fascination for vacuum cleaners will pass pretty soon. The noise gives me migraines. Well, I hope he regains his love to vacuum when he's old enough to actually vacuum effectively without supervision - I'm talking real chores here. Haha!

For those who don't know, JellyBean is 20 months old.


We took JellyBean to the Monterey Bay Aquarium over the weekend. He had a lot of fun! His favorite was the tank with the giant fish - tuna, all kinds of rock fish and sharks. He had fun pointing out all the sharks. He also loved holding the starfish and seaweed -- it runs in the blood, I guess.

We went to the gift shop to get him a souvenir and he picked out this tub of little plastic fish. We were going to buy it if it wasn't $35! We settled for a ten-pack of little plastic sharks, which he loved just as much. I love it even more. There are fewer little pieces for me to pick up.


Nobody can escape the "octomom" news. It is just all over the place. This lady, unmarried and jobless, tries to look like Angelina Jolie, has 6 kids all under 7 years old and gave birth to octoplets conceived through IVF. Even her parents are not pleased!

I read online that she might be trying to get her own TV show a la Jon and Kate Plus 8 or 18 kids and counting. I'd be one of the suckers who would try to not watch but will get really curious anyway.

francis magalona

I heard Francis Magalona died of leukemia recently. Sad.


After Bob's win last season, I started liking Survivor again. This year, I'm rooting for Sydney, TJ and Sierra. I didn't like Sandy so much, so I didn't feel too bad that she got eliminated. There was something very reptilian about her.

Coach needs to get a haircut and try to not be so full of himself. Seriously.

I love Tyson! The G-string was genius.


Every year, I say I'd never watch this show again. Tyra can get irritating and the two Jays are too weird for my taste. This season, that mean girl didn't get eliminated although she completely sucked. Of course, I said I'll never watch another episode again. I wonder if Celia will win... Hmmm...


I hear Shawn Johnson will be on it. WILL be watching :D

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