Dec 12, 2008

That PacMan night

Last week, we went to our friend's house to watch Manny Pacquiao fight Oscar de la Hoya. It turned out to be quite the experience.

My friend Tess and I made peanut turon the night before. This would be our potluck contribution. There was a lot of great Filipino food! Oh, the rice was undercooked but someone magically resolved that problem. Imagine a Filipino party with no rice!

The Philippine National Anthem played and some of my friends jsut kept talking and walking around like it is nothing. That was a little bit disappointing, I thought.

Well, the fight was awesome. Actually, it was awesome because Pacquiao won, but the fight itself wasn't as exciting as previous boxing matches that I have seen. De la Hoya didn't fight in the ninth round, so it was a TKO. I was hoping for more exciting boxing, but it didn't happen. Oh well, at least Manny Pacquaio won. That was all we wanted anyway. I'm proud of him!

After that, there was more food and planning of future parties and other fun stuff to do. I noticed I was having as many as three conversations with three different people at the same time. They were talking to other people while I was talking to them, too. Talk about multitasking.

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