Dec 12, 2008

The Good Guys are Winning!

I was dreading tonight a little bit. Thursday - Survivor Gabon night. Judging from last week's episode, it looked like my favorite contestant, Bob is the next one to go. Now that would just make the show plain boring. Note to the producers: it is fun to watch someone smart, talented, coordinated AND nice. It is not fun to watch whiny, scheming, manipulating non-talented people advance in the game through lies and emotional blackmail.

So I looked up Survivor online. I didn't even dare watch it live. Okay, it is much better watching the online version because you don't have to deal with 3-5 minutes of commercials. So I found that that Crystal was voted off. This should be interesting.

And it was! Bob won the reward and immunity challenges. (Yahoo!) Kenny was trying to finagle immunity from Bob and failed. In the end, Crystal was voted off. Awesome! I can't wait 'til next week.

This is honestly the first time I enjoyed watching Survivor. The good guys are winning! In reality TV!

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