Oct 10, 2008

The Guy Thing

More than once, I've been asked by my single friends: How do you know he's THE ONE?

The answer is you'll just know.

In my early teens, I made a list of the things about my ideal man. It started out pretty simply: smart, goodlooking, respectful... Then movies, books and real life helped me extend that list: good handwriting, sharp wit, great cook, great dancer, excellent communication skills. Blame it on James Bond, I wanted someone who can shoot guns, speak many languages, maneuver any vehicle and keep perfect hair. The list became such a high standard, I was afraid that this ideal man will remain just that -- an ideal.

Then I found someone who has almost everything in the list pat down, but he wasn't interested in me at all. Fine, then! I wasn't about to impose myself on Mr. Ideal Man. After all, I'm probably nowhere near anyone's Ms. Ideal Lady. Too bad. Tsk, tsk. So we stayed friends for the longest time, it seemed. But to make this long story short, Mr. Ideal Man eventually asked me to marry him. Ha! I wasn't even trying to win him over. Of course, I said yes.

Quite a number of my girl friends just got hitched or are getting hitched. Each has found their Mr. Ideal Man. All of them agree: When you know, you'll know.

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Mr. Mayabang said...

I agree. I met her husband. The guy is amazing. Nuff said.