Oct 12, 2008


Today, JellyBean gets an A++ for almost perfect behavior and cuteness and smarts! And that's a totally objective assessment, I assure you. :)

We were out with cousins at Hakone Gardens today and JellyBean insisted on going up and down the hill on foot. That meant backaches for whoever was holding his little hands. His cousins were the 'guardrails' - walking alongside him to make sure he doesn't try to jump off the face of the hill.

JellyBean was chatty and happy for the most part. The one thing I am most proud of is when he wanted some milk. He usually says "ba" for bottle, bubbles and a lot of other things. Today, I said "milk" over and over so he would copy me. And he did. It sounded more like "mewk" but it's close enough, if you ask me.


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