Oct 14, 2008

Dancing with the Stars and JellyBean

We love this show! Personally, my favorites are Warren Sapp and Cloris Leachman. Of course, we like Cheryl Burke and Edyta Sliwinska. Too bad, Edyta was eliminated early. She often gets partners that are either not very well-known and can't dance at the same time.

I seriously hope Cloris doesn't get hurt while doing this show. She's so witty, it doesn't even matter if she can do a proper Samba roll! She just does all kinds of cute and funny things.

Lately, JellyBean has been copying things he sees on TV. This includes raising one his legs as high as he can and shuffling his feet cha-cha style. My JellyBean had coordination! We have a future dancer in the house!


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