Jun 12, 2008

UNSA??? Not Ransom, "Board and Lodging"?

Way to ruin my Independence Day. Read this article and realize how screwed up this whole thing is.

Kidnappers free cameraman; P2M paid for 'board and lodging'

And I quote:

Reports quoted Undersecretary Amilasan Amilbajar of the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Mindanao as saying a P2-million “board and lodging fee” was paid in exchange for Valderama’s freedom.

This is total Bull-Poop! No way their accomodations would amount to P2Million. Where are they being held hostage? At the Amanpulo resort in Palawan in their private villa and getting massages on the beach at sunset, having caviar and vintage wine?

Call it “board and lodging”. Call it any other name. If it looks like ransom, sounds like ransom, feels like ransom, then it must be ransom. Ransom by any other name would stink just as bad.

Whoever paid this “bull-poop and lodging” fee is encouraging those terrorists to get more “boarders and lodgers”. Idiot.

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