Jun 12, 2008


Updates, updates, updates:
  • UPS Manila sucks. They have rude customer service. UPS Cebu, on the other hand is helpful. I shipped a chainsaw for my Dad two weeks ago. "Expedited" - it doesn't look like we speak the same language. It has not arrived yet. Paid $350 for shipping. For some reason, there are technicalities and taxes and stuff that delayed the delivery by another week. UPS, StarKargo, pay them a lot of money - your stuff will never get there in a week, no matter what they say. One of my friends wrote: Want kids to know how to lie? Let them watch commercials on TV.
  • My gimpy mitral valve is good enough to repair! Yehaa!!!! No blood thinners for the rest of my life! BTW, the results of the Transesophageal Echocardiogram are: MVP(like they though), severe mitral regurgitation (my heart's vomiting? just kidding) and PFO (patent foramen ovale - hole in the heart right where Cupid got me. hahaha. This is so poetic).
  • Got an appointment with the surgeon. Finally! Man, my doctors are taking everything seriously, as they should. We have met for many, many times, and finally, I will meet the guy who will cut me open and give me a good tune up. Hopefully the scar(s) will be small enough so I can still wear swimsuits. OR I'm considering "stitches" tattoos all over it. I wonder how those tats will look when I'm all old and wrinkly?
  • JellyBean has TWO teeth!!!!! Wooohoo!!!!
  • Last volleyball tournament for D's team this weekend! Go, AlCis!
  • Going home in July.
  • Will be flying a plane for my birthday! Oh, yeah!
  • Planning JellyBean's baptism; he's gonna have great Ninongs ang Ninangs. Friends, way balibaray ha! Dubai, I expect you to be back from Oz by then.
Life doesn't suck. In fact, it's looking pretty good. I love my job. I love the people at work. Business is doing well. I will be breathing easier and never have unsolicited panic attacks before the year ends. I will kick butt at snowboarding, bellydancing, shooting and life in general. I simply intend to kick butt this year.

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