Jun 16, 2008

Through the Fire

On my way home last Friday, I took side roads. I love the scenic route and it is the logical way to go anyway as Friday afternoon traffic on the freeway is usually pretty bad. Last Friday, it was worse then usual.

Driving over the overpass, I saw thick smoke from the general direction of my house. I immediately dialed JellyBean's daycare, which is close to my house, to make sure he is okay. After 6 rings, JellyBean's teacher said that everything is fine. Whew!

A few months back, someone burned whatever it was they were cooking and all I saw was a lot of smoke outside. It was so scary! I was praying really hard that JellyBean and I won't have to jump out the window. Thank goodness the stairs were clear. I grabbed my important documents stash, my wallet, keys, JellyBean and ran down the stairs and into an open area. Luckily, the fire never got too big.

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