Jun 19, 2008

He, She or We

I used to work at this place called CannonCreek Asia. Believe it or not, we were editors for online newsletters on troubled companies and bankruptcies. It is expected that the employees are pretty much fluent in English.

Of course, most of us are very particular with spelling and word usage. But we do see quite a number of hilarious bloopers:

headline: COMPANY X TO REBUY PUBLIC SHARES (except that someone forgot to type the letters L and S in "public shares)

someone from the back room: "Wait sa! Nag-sarf pa ko sa internet!"

told by my officemate: "This guy asked me what 'subtle' meant. Then he said, never mind 'coz he knows: just like 'subtle'-bus, right?"

someone on a date: "Would you like some SRREMP?"

whispering about an androgynous looking applicant: "Is that a he, she or we?"

And of course, I have to mention the creativity of one of my friends. In Bisaya, the third person is simply referred to as "siya" - the third person. Oftentimes, she'd use him and her wrong. Her boyfriend wasn't always very nice when correcting her, either. She got tired of it and just started saying "herm" to cover him AND her.


dr tes said...

ni apply ko ani nila pero hagbong ko sa typing, kuwang daw ako words per minute unya daghan pa jud sayop ako spelling. kebs! lipay ra pud ko.

oona said...

sayang... kauban unta ta doc!

jenn_US said...

hehe nalingaw ko ani na post dah. :)

BCS said...

I use "herm" sometimes also, to refer to my gay friends... hehehe. By the way, I don't know if you can see it there, but I've been told that in one of Nido's commercials, Sharon Cuneta said "...ang dami kasing milkS..." (or something like that).