Jun 9, 2008

My red shoes

Many. many times, I have mentioned my love for shoes. So, one more time, in case you missed it: I love shoes.

My favorites are my red Janilyns, my brown velvet Nine Wests and my snakeskin Valentinos. There are shoes that I'd kill to be able to buy again. There are these buttery soft lace ballerina flats from Rusty Lopez that they no longer make :(. I got them on clearance, too. Barato ra. Then there were these white and blue wedges from Itti that our family dog in Argao decided to eat. That's proof of a good pair of shoes: even your dogs love them.

I got a bunch of compliments on my red Janilyns this morning. Woohoo!!! Makes my day bright. These are my happy shoes. Much like Dorothy's red ruby slippers. Mine are red snakeskins (yes, i love snakeskin).

Today, these shoes will take me to my cardiologist. We will talk about when and what will be done to my gimpy little mitral valve and that previously undetected hole in the heart wall, and possible reduce my heart to the right size. My grandma always thought I have a big heart. Turned it, LITERALLY, I do. Maybe by the end of the year, I will be healthier, gain a couple of pounds (in the right places, I hope), and not be tired all the time.

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