Jun 10, 2008

Banana Blossom

I just got the biggest hankering for sauteed banana blossom. Actually, I'm a MEAT-arian, but occasionally, I crave the non-meat goodies I enjoyed years and years ago.

So here, add to my must-eat list:
  • sauteed banana blossom
  • banana blossom salad in coconut milk
  • green jackfruit salad in coconut milk
  • biko by Auntie Chiel
Yes, I miss anything cooked/soaked in coconut milk. Little random tidbit: coconut milk prevents the nutrients from evaporating, making whatever it is you're cooking retain more nutritional value. And for non-health nuts like me, the whole point of coconut milk is that it makes pretty much anything taste better.

FORTY-SIX days 'til my feet touch Lupang Hinirang!!!!

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