May 5, 2008

Things Better Left Unsaid

For a while I have been thinking of posting my thoughts on this Austrialian guy who is flaming mad at his former lover. Also, I've been thinking about that incident in one of the hospitals from back home. I've been dying to write down my thoughts!

But there are some things better left unsaid. In my opinion, these things are not worth any more attention than it already has. I mean, there is sooo much information and opinions on those issues online.

In highschool, I asked one of my friends if she thought our other friend's skirt looked funny. It was crooked. She said, that yes, it was crooked. And that I should have just gone over to my friend and told her so she can fix her skirt instead of me asking someone else who didn't even notice. Some things don't deserve attention. Some opinions are better left unsaid.

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