May 23, 2008

Pista sa Looc, Argao

I can't help thinking its Bisperas today. The day before the actual fiesta. Today is when people get food ready. When the fluvial parade takes place. When everyone wears their nice clothes and go visit family and friends. When visitors start popping into the house to say hi, catch up, eat and drink and show friendship. And I'M NOT THERE!!!!

I miss Fiesta. It's when the entire barangay decides to have one big giant party and everybody is welcome. No matter how hard life is, people find a way to prepare something on fiesta. To thank God for all the blessings, no matter how small. Good health and three meals a day, as Nang Nora always says.

The social dynamics of the whole thing is pretty interesting. A lot of the locals get into a spirited debate on whether the parish priest was justified on changing the actual fiesta date. Local leaders emerge: from young adults who lead in fund raising, organizing shows and basketball tournaments; to men who put up banderitas and clean up the streets and the ladies who organize the nights of prayer and the chapel decorations. Although it can get political, most of the work gets done and everybody enjoys the two days of full-blown fiesta.

Most important of all, people don't forget to honor the patron saint: Inahan sa Kanunayng Panabang, the Mother of Perpetual Help.


lyn said...

Pareha pud sa among barrangay Oona pista ta pud didto sa amo

Janus said...
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Janus said...

this year the fiesta celebration was very succesful thru the effort of the newset of officers headed the the president of the OLMOPHA -Mrs. Teresita Revilla, an Elementary teacher who gave an outmost experience that made all the social and religious actitivities a succes...the stories behind the fiesta celebration was properly documented soon to show in the blog