May 25, 2008

chronicles of narnia: prince caspian

Finally! After a two-year hiatus, I get to see a movie. A very good one, too.

I wasn't so excited about going out late at night, especially since I'm supposed to "rest as much as possible" on doctor's orders. And that D wanted to watch Indiana Jones (which I'd like to see but I wanted to see "Narnia" so much more). We ended up getting in about 2 minutes after the movie started but I'm still really happy about it.

I have read the books when I was little. It made a huge impression on me then. The movie, with the visual impact is even more moving. When all those creatures were dying at the gate, I almost cried. The computer generated images are very realistic. You should see the centaurs!

All this rage over Prince Caspian is well-deserved. I can see how most teen-aged girls are swooning all over him. The actors from the original movie have grown up quite a bit but they are still quite charming. I wish Tilda Swinton had more time in the movie, but that was all that was needed of her. I loved Tilda Swinton in the first movie.

Over all, Chronicles of Narnia was well worth the USD10 or so I paid for it. This is a must-see movie. Something I'd let my kids and grandkids watch in the future.

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