May 11, 2008

America's Next Top Model

I hope Anya wins. She's the nicest and sweetest girl on the show. And the prettiest, too. I'm glad that she won a lot of the challenges. Oh and maybe because she's from Hawaii. I fancy myself to be an honorary Hawaiian. Gotta root for the pseudo-kababayan.

Here's my thoughts on the rest of the girls:

Dominique - Good that she got eliminated. I was kinda rooting for her but got turned off because she refers to herself in the third person and that she was really mean.

Whitney - I like Whitney. She's my second favorite person in the contest after Anya. She tries really hard and she has the most beautiful face. I love how she's confident in her own body.

Fatima - I seriously hope she doesn't win this thing. She's manipulative and cunning. I feel bad that she was circumcised but she uses that to gain sympathy and then she's mean to vulnerable girls. And all that talk about her wanting to be an ambassador something or other and bring attention to genital mutilation... Good intentions, wrong forum. She should have gone to Miss World, Miss Universe or one of those. Come on, everyone knows you want to win because you want to be a model, make lots of money and be famous.

And goodness, how many times do you hear "This is a competition." on reality shows? People, everyone and his brother know that the reality show you're on is a competition.

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