Apr 18, 2008

The Erap Signature Campaign

Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas. Ito ang aking Lupang sinilangan.

On TV yesterday, some idiot was saying that they are trying to 'generate' a million signatures asking Erap to run for president again. Beg a convicted plunderer to run for the country's highest position? Are you kidding me? Jose Rizal will rise from his grave and stab everyone who signs this joke of a campaign in the eyeball. Might as well ask Paris Hilton to run our country!

And Erap? The guy is obviously loving it. He thinks that the 'masa' still adores him, even though the lives of the 'masa' didn't get any better when he was president. Erap, you're done. Stay out of Philippine politics. You're making the country look bad. If you really love the Philippines, just stay out. Better yet, do something good.

The Philippine media is all biased. Every time there's a report that the Philippines is doing better, getting a stronger currency, getting a ratings upgrade, they interview some loser off the street who says that their life is getting worse and worse and it's all Gloria's fault. No matter how good the country is doing, there's always going to be some loser who refuses to work hard and just complain about how hard life is. And he's gonna be interviewed by GMA and ABS-CBN. He's gonna be 'the face of the average Filipino'.

And those people who are dying to sign the 'beg Erap to run for President' campaign? Get your best tsinelas ready. It will only be a matter of time before you're gonna rally at EDSA again. May the ghosts of all the Filipino Heroes haunt you.

My 2 Philippine centavos.


Anino said...

Ang media sa Pilipinas ay kasing dumi ng mga pulitiko natin.

Pweh! (Pasintabi sa aking pagdura)

notsovictor said...

you know what, i completely agree with you. ive noticed too how the media never lets us have a break. yes, gloria is corrupt, we aren't blind. but compare her to erap, at least there are some tell-tale signs nowadays that we're improving.

i'm not pro-gloria at all, but just a question for everyone itching to impeach her: who are you gonna repalce her with? someone more corrupt or someone without a clue who can be easily manipulated by trapos?

sorry, i rarely react this way (or this long) to posts :D good day.