Apr 22, 2008

Earth Day - Let's go green!

Today is earth day, and it's time to celebrate going green and keeping it that way.

America has very advanced ways of 'going green': hybrid cards, fuel-cell cars, low-emission cars, perks for those who remember to bring their reusable grocery bags, recycled paper, recycled pens, recycled everything. On TV last night, I even saw designer recycled clothes!

In the Philippines, designer recycled clothes is not a new concept. It's called Ukay-ukay. At the market, in Baclaran, in Baguio, in Carbon Market in Cebu. Ukay-ukay used to be something people are ashamed of, but after Tide popularized 'galing sa U-kay', Ukay-ukay was IN!

In Argao, there was a time when everything was green. There were very few motorized vehicles. Everyone got around town on a sikad-sikad. A tricycle powered by strong, strong men. Not anymore, the motorized tricycle has taken over. We try to make it a point to take the human-powered tricycles because it is nicer and the person driving probably doesn't make as much money as the ones driving the motor-powered ones.

When I was little, my Grandma had a woven bamboo basket that was the official shopping tote at the market in Argao. It was the coolest thing ever. I intend to resurrect that the next time I'm home.

Let's go green. One of the biggest sacrifices for me will be giving up grilled food. But it's worth it.

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