Mar 28, 2008

Thank God It's Friday

It's Friday! It's a happy day for this Friday fan.

There's a feeling of finality on Fridays. It's like Christmas Eve but only better because this one comes once a week instead of once a year.

When I was in highschool in Argao, I'd invariably volunteer to cook dinner on Friday because I'm usually in a good mood. No homework on Friday nights unless I want to, no waking up early the next day unless I want to, AND there's good cartoons on TV. I remember Friday nights as the nights for Captain Planet, Teen-aged Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Justice League, and Power Rangers. This was before Thalia's Marimar destroyed that institution of news at 6:00pm and 1.5 hours of great kid-TV on Friday nights. Nevertheless, that didn't affect my love for Friday.

Fridays in America are just as nice. We get to catch up with all the TV shows we missed over the week. AND the promise of a free day to do whatever you please never gets old.

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