Mar 26, 2008

48 demitasses

My love affair with chocolate started all the way back when I was very little. My grandparents give me 25 cents everyday to get whatever I want. Most of them were spent on chocolate. My earliest recollection of chocolate was Almo - little chocolate tablets in tiny satchets. Usually there's 10 inside. If you're lucky, you get 11.

Throughout my grade school years, Almo was my favorite. Later, it turned to Hany - chocolatelike candy made from peanuts. It's like dried up peanut butter. It's very good. Of course, there were times when we'd get Hershey's Kisses, Toblerone, Snickers, M&M's and Tootsie Rolls when my uncles from abroad came home. Occasionally, we had Baby Ruth. But imported chocolate were hard to come by. It's the local Philippine chocolate that was always there when I needed some chocolate comfort.

When I started earning money, I'd splurge on a big dark chocolate Toblerone bar about once a month. When I moved to the States, one of the first things I bought was a box of king-sized Snickers from Costco. Oh yes. And I ate that in about a month.

Right now, I have a piece of dark chocolate demitasse in my mouth. One of my new favorites is Godiva's box of white, milk, dark and extra dark demitasses. I like to eat them in order of darkness. Yum!

Here's to you, my box of chocolate! Thanks for keeping me awake and happy. Even if I'd have to brush my teeth again (for the nth time today). Whoever discovered chocolate, I give you thanks from the bottom of this happy heart.


Lourdz said...

i can relate to ur favorite chocolate when i was a kid was i've upgraded to godiva's milk chocolate. for some reason, i don't like dark chocolates although they say that's it's better for your health.

lyn said...

Kana gyud imong chocolate bisan naglisud og kaon hala sige pa

babyjet said...

careful sa sugar ana chocolate Oon, atong diabetes diha :)

Try pud ning Lindt chocolate truffle Oon. Lami pud beya na sya!

oona said...

Hi Jet, thanks for stopping by!

Yes, I do like Lindt, too. It's just a little harder to find.

Lagi kinahanglan jud magbantay ko sugar ba.