Mar 24, 2008

Airport Blues

This trip, I lost my bottle of flouride rinse and a tube of toothpaste at two airports. I needed more than 3oz of rinse and I wasn't able to find mini-toothpaste tubes of the kind that I use. So there. About $20 down the drain. That sucks! That's half a sack of good rice in the Philippines! Darn it!

All this airport security measures is very inconvenient for a lot of people. Everyone's into the 'go green' and 'don't waste' movement. Yet everytime I travel, there are tons of things in plastics containers that needed to be thrown away because of security measures. THEN when we get to our destinations, we have to spend time and money and effort buying the same stuff that we just threw away at the airport hours ago.

Of course, security comes first. It's annoying how we have to go through these measures because some idiot decided to do stupid stuff on an airplane. If you hate your life, go hang yourself off a tomato branch. Don't drag us all in on your misery. You just cost me a tube of toothpaste and a bottle of flouride rinse. Grrr.

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