Mar 25, 2008

Adult Braces

I remember wanting braces when I was in the Philippines. Everybody thought braces were cute especially if you have colored ones. The problem was that my teeth were straight so I didn't need them.

Then I earned my degree, got married, had a baby. I'm too old for braces. I no longer want to have braces. Braces = cute. I no longer strive for 'cute'. The goal now is 'me'. Or more accurately, 'beautiful adult version of me' - inside and out.

Then my dentist told me I needed braces. A couple of teeth have rotated in place and one tooth was shifting. There are some more dental details that I'll spare you to avoid TMI.

I was hoping I was a good candidate for invisalign or at least get the least conspicuous ones. My orthodontist said that if I want the optimum (best results in the shortest period of time possible), I should go for this new titanium ones that look like they belong to a cement plant.

I got braces last week - the metal ones. I'm surprised I didn't set off the alarms at the airport with the amount of metal in my mouth.

It felt funny the first day I had them on, then quickly escalated to painful and annoying over the next three days. Good thing I had a whole bunch of dental wax. On the fifth day, it didn't hurt unless I was putting pressure on my teeth. A whole week after I got them, no more pain. Just the feeling that they're there. Like I'm keeping food in my mouth and refusing to chew and swallow.

There's a song that goes, Be careful what you wish for, Coz you just might get it all.


lyn said...

Naka balos nako nimo eheheheheh ikaw napud ya. Mana manko pila ka years mana imo

oona said...

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