Jan 12, 2008

High Def Radio

Everything's going HD! First, I got sold on HDTV. Yes, it is a lot better. When I heard about HD Radio, I thought, yeah right. How much better can it get?

Actually, it does sound so much better! It's like listening to my audio CD with my uber-state of the art speakers. Even AM stations sound like FM on HD Radio. Even better, it's free! Who doesn't like getting great stuff for free?

Okay, first you'll need an HD Radio Receiver. It can be a little pricey, but its worth it. Yes, you pay a premium for the equipment. Remember how much you paid for that High Def Flat Screen?

Next is where to find stations. At HDRadio.com, you can find New York High Definition Radio stations, as well as, let's say Alaska. What's neat is that they not only list the frequency and radio station ID, they also show what type of programs they have so you can zone in on the ones that you like. HD Radio stations now are also broadcasting additional digital channels called HD2 and HD3, all subscription-free.

Ever heard of a song on radio that you really really like? If you get an Ipod dock with iTunes Tagging, then you can tag that song and the next time you sync your iPod to iTunes, you can buy and download the songs you want directly from Apple's Itunes MUsic Store!

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