Jan 12, 2008

Hawaiian Dreams

My next fantasy vacation is Hawaii! It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. In fact, I just want to stay there for a very, very long time. How about six months out of the year? I wish!

Hawaii has the best of both worlds. Beaches, warm weather and friendly people and all the modern amenities of the United States. I just love running around Waikiki in a rented scooter, having a lovely dinner at Hiroshi then go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay the next day.

To get information on anything Hawaii, I recommend the Hawaii Travel Blog. It tells you where the best waves are, whether you are a novice at surfing or an expert. It also tells you where the best beaches are.

For my dreams of being a beach bum, we might have to look into Oahu vacation rentals. You know six months at a hotel wouldn't be cheap. I saw this one rental in Lanikai, and oh boy. Wow is not enough to describe the beautiful views from outside the house.

Go to Oahu Vacation Information for info on other things to do on Oahu. My personal favorites are shopping and dining in Waikiki, Waiola shaved ice, and snorkeling at beautiful, beautiful Hanauma Bay. There are other things to do like surfing especially on the North Shore, see the Dole labyrinth and get married on Ala Moana. Oh, don't forget to see the Hawaiian cultural Center. They do a darn good job of getting and splitting coconuts in one show.

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