Jan 13, 2008

Got Money?

Most businesses face the same obstacle in the beginning: funding. Whether you intend to sell fried bananas at the busy street corner in Cebu or you have a large-scale dream of franchising the fried banana business, start-up financing is one of the first things you'll need.

I found this website called EZUnsecured.com which offers unsecured financing. You can get unsecured lines of credit, loans or credit cards. You may even get up to a million dollars in funds if you qualify. The site boasts approvals in 1 to 3 days and get funds in 3 weeks or less. You can even apply online.

This is an excellent option for getting funds to start a business or if you need to expand your business or establish a fund. I haven't applied personally, but I hear that they provide excellent service. They seem to have an easy process to go through and they say that funding is fast. This is worth checking out.

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