Nov 2, 2007

This Week's TV

Is bad.

Beauty and the Geek just ran a recap of what happened. Blah. So did ATNM. Blah.

On the other hand, Heroes is moving along fast and well. Ohhh, I gotta catch up with Prison Break. Have you girls seen Michael Scofield? You should!!! In the meantime, I've been fascinated with Law and Order: SVU. It's like crimelibrary on TV.

I try to watch Maalaala Mo Kaya on weekends. Well, if its not too sappy. All the screaming and slapping and crying gets old really fast. I especially liked the one where Ann Curtis played a tomboy who fell in love. The most recent one with Angel Locsin in it was kinda loopy.

Man Vs Wild - I used to love it! Now they're doing re-dubbed reruns. It sucks. I liked the original version. Survivor Man is supposed to take its place, but the guy has the personality of a tomato. Bear Grylls is so much more awesome, IMO.

Dancing with the Stars - It sucks that Sabrina got the boot this week. She is one of the best dancers. My vote's on Edyta and What's-his-name, as well as Helio and Julianne.

Hell's Kitchen - if you have the bullocks to watch this British chef scream obscenities at the contestants. In British, of course.

And when it gets really boring, there's always South Park on demand.

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