Nov 8, 2007

my friendster peeves

friendster - my window to home. man, i'm homesick.

there are some things that some people (friends and non-friends of mine) do that are kinda irritating. bear with me as it is 4:20 am and i haven't slept. naturally, i am impatient. More impatient that usual.

on with the peeves.

one, people who forward forwarded chain messages. especially nonsense. no, friendster is not going to shut down if you don't forward that stupid chain message. and no way you can help that supposed cancer victim by forwarding that message. and no way you will die/lose you house/have bad luck for 20 years if you don't forward that message. so stop sending them. it's a waste of time and bandwidth.

a sub-category of this one is the "send this back to me if you consider me your friend". you are my friend. you're in my friendster's friend list. if you need a forwarded message as proof, then we need to have a talk. you ARE my friend. i care enough about you to look up your profile whenever your main picture is changed. then there's the "if you're a good person, send this to all the people you care about" message. unless its something useful, i'd say dump that junk.

two, the H. bear in mind, that i'd love my friends no matter what. i just wish you guys don't indiscriminately add h's all over your names because you think it's cool. it's not. i'm a fan of optimization. adding unnecessary letters to your name is one way for people to forget how your name is spelled and it's a waste of time and effort pounding on the letter H on the keyboard.

three, the stick-the-tongue-out-to-the-side pics. to make you look raunchy? what exactly is the point of this funny face? gotta show the world your tongue's profile?

okay. stepping off my soap box now.

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