Aug 2, 2007

Hernia-less Bean!

It has been two weeks since his surgery to close an inguinal hernia. His scars are barely visible and he is back on track.

Taking after his Daddy, Jellybean is just a bundle of cuteness! He smiles a lot and likes to have long "talks" with me and his Daddy. We noticed that he watches TV, too, so we're trying hard to not let him get used to that. I try to speak to him only in Bisaya so he learns my language. I wonder if its possible to have two first languages?

JellyBean likes warm baths and riding in the baby bjorn while his Daddy takes a walk. He loves soft music while he sleeps and I like to think that he likes the blanket I crocheted especially for him. Haaay!! I'm a MOM!

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