Aug 2, 2007


This deodorant has some really funny commercials.

I know! I TiVo everything so I rarely see commercials. Most TV commercials are only interesting the first time I see them. After that, the redundancy drives me crazy. Most of them are corny, cheesy, don't make sense or just plain old boring.

Then there are commercials that are actually fun to watch. The following companies have the most creative marketing teams:

The deodorant with the Boomchikawahwah thing.
Comcast - save big bucks/Moolah/a wad. Genius.
The phone company with the "Phone Conversation Cut Off" thing.

I think the Geico lizard is kinda annoying, the Insurance Caveman is overused and e-surance commercials don't make sense. All the commercials for cereals are really boring. The wendy's commercial is really irritating, as well as all those commercials that look like amateur home videos.

I spend too much time in front of the tube.

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