Jul 4, 2007


At this very moment, we are having a raging heatwave. Alimuot pa sa nangamatay diri!

Right now, I am exactly 26 years and a day old. Old. That's how I feel. It felt like it's been a hmmm.... lifetime? toink! OMG!!! Tigulang na ko. On my birthday, my tendonitis acted up. Nice reminder that I'm getting older. Tsk. tsk.

What do I have to show for my 26 years of existence? A lot, I could say. But do those things really count? What exactly should count? This is so scary.. I feel like these are questions I shouldn't face until I'm at least 40. Aren't these signs of a midlife crisis? Maybe midlife panic...

It was my third birthday away from home. The third time I didn't have a chicken killed for me. Blood smeared on my forehead. No, its not a savage ritual. It is what everyone else I knew did. This is the third time I didn't get to have "Tiling-tiling" ice cream and have to "Bangka" for my friends. I guess I don't miss having to pay for everyone's dinner. hahaha....

Today, a heatwave. I guess I am a certified "natawo sa tag-init". That's why I'm not 6 feet tall. Well, maybe genes might have a little role in that, too. I'm JUST KIDDING!!!

This is a homesick first-time mom ranting in 84F. No, that's not a jeepney route. If it is, it probably leads right to hell.

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