Jul 8, 2007

5 Things I am Thankful For

Na-taggan ko ni Maudester, so here goes:

1. My family - having a sweet, loving, nurturing husband who is not only good-looking, but has a wicked sense of humor. He has taught me so many good things. He is my best friend. He has given me the other love of my life, our little Parker who inherited his dad's good looks and can easily disarm me with a smile.

2. My family part 2 - my grandparents who brought me up well. My grandpa's wisdom has guided me well in life, and my grandma just took the best care of me. Even walk me to the bus station at dawn many, many times! My parents and siblings are healthy and happy. My in-laws are nice and kind. My brother-in-law is getting married to a nice girl soon.

3. My computer - it is instrumental for keeping me sane. Yes, I am a geek. Whenever I misplace my cellphone, I get the itch to go Control+F (or Apple+F, soon!). My computer (really, external hard drive) is keeper of my pictures and memories. My computer helps me stay connected with my family and friends.

4. Friendships - I am blessed to have so many good friends from many walks of life. Tata Kritz - my best bud in kindergarten. Myla and Valerie in gradeschool; Cyril, Sigrid and Joy in highschool. Dubai, my dearest math whiz of a friend; Carla, who sings like an angel yet can give you a complete failure analysis on any given semiconductor process; Lynel, soft spoken yet sharp and witty. Girlie, Jessica, King, Ols, Tisha, Ditsie, Grace, Didit, Janet and Leda who were my kabuang and soap opera partners throughout college and beyond. Hahay, makahilak man pod ta'g popcorn ani!!! Laedevee - who saw me through thick, medium and thin. Edem, Teena, Tina and Mavy - kaila mo'g beauty and brains? Mulan, Tisha, Bambie, Hanzel, Geda, Ella, Joseph, Leigh, Joan and Papa Doms - remember the good ol' days when we got really close because we all didn't like one person?- Nick, Darrian, Simon and Paul - the coolest geeks I know. Daisy, Arlyn, and Jenny - my CFO partners. Kim, Wrapshell, Lyn, Tess, Judeeta, Nora and the rest of my Filipina friends here. Do you have enough time? I could go on forever on how lucky I am to have good friends wherever I may be.

5. Lessons in life - wherever they may be from. I try to go by the Desiderata and Geda's wise words: I love my friends, I don't care if they love me back. No matter how bleak life will get, there will always be chocolate. And if life is bright and happy, we can always celebrate with chocolate!

Now tagging Doc Tes, Nobe, Rolly, Dauphine, Jet and Anna.

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