Jun 10, 2007

WOF2: Are Filipinas submissive?

Now this one would spark lots of debate.
Are Filipinas submissive?

Why do you want to know? Do you have the need to have a submissive partner in a relationship? If I was in a bad mood, I would ask: Do you have the need to be dominant in a relationship?

Are Filipinas submissive? I think Filipinas are happy to let their husbands lead and make most of the decisions unless it is something she feels very strongly about. Then their husbands would find that it is very hard to change her mind. This is probably when a husband would feel that a Filipina wife is not submissive.

I think it all boils down to the man: are you a leader? If you want a submissive Filipina, you better have a strong personality, earn her respect, and be someone that she can be proud of. Otherwise, I wish you lots of good luck.

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