Jun 25, 2007

Gerry and Cleo

Did you know that there's Gerry's Grill in Union City? Woohoo!!!! I loooved Gerry's Grill in Ayala Cebu, and now this one in Union City. Adobo Shreds, I love you!

Did I tell you I don't like vegetables? I avoid them like the plague. Well, I've been trying to eat veggies because they're good for me and JellyBean. But I remember thinking: I wish there was a restaurant where all they would serve is meat, meat and meat.

Luckily, my brother-in-law is into Brazilian culture and he introduced us to the answer to my prayer: Churrascaria - Brazilian steak house. Where the highlight of the meal is different cuts of meat - YUM!

My first churrascaria is Espetus in San Francisco. Oh my gosh! I just loved it. I even introduced my officemates to it. It is just unbelievable to have all the best meat in the world come to our table fresh off the roaster.

Last night, we went to Cleo's in Burlingame. Though this one is not as high class-looking as Espetus, the food is just as well if not better. Where in the world can you get as much top sirloin, tri-tip, filet mignon, chicken as you want? Better starve yourself before going to one of these places. You'll be full and still want to eat.

And then there's grilled pineapple at the end. Just can't get any better than that.

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