Apr 23, 2007

The Weekend Report

Had a cookout with my girlfriends on Saturday. Dungess crabs, shrimp, binignit and mango smoothies. Woohoo!!! Of course there were chismis, plans for the next gathering, and updates with our lives. We also met a girl who got here just a month ago. She's a little bit shy, and hopefully she comes out of her shell soon.

Darren was so exhausted after a day of volleyball, he was asleep by 7pm. There was nothing interesting to do, so I spent an hour on the phone with my family in the Philippines. Gosh, I definitely CAN wait to see that bill. Gotta figure out a cheaper way to communicate with them. Oh well, December can't be that far away. I'll be home by then. :D

Sunday, we were up bright and early and went to Gilroy, the City of Garlic and Shopping Outlets. Great place to buy almost anything. So we were there driving around town, which is really pretty. And of course, shopped. I'm so excited about my new rooster salt and pepper shakers! :)

Later, I had the urge to cook, so we invited friends and family over for some steak, lumpia and shrimp(again!) for dinner. Did I mention RICE? Yup, we had friends for dinner (remember Land Before Time?). And where there's wine(or any form of alcohol) and guys, there's bound to be some interesting conversation.

So there went my weekend. And now it's back to work.

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