Mar 20, 2007

Alice in Goldilocks

For lunch, Darren and I went to Goldilocks-San Jose. I gorged on escabeche and beef menudo. Not as good as Auntie Chiel's cooking, but not bad either. Darren had his usual sinigang and barbeque.

I saw this lady in Goldilocks. Let's just call her Alice - because she looks as lost as little Bo Peep's sheep - in Wonderland(aka Goldilocks). Just utterly clueless. Her hair was crispy blond(yes, too much peroxide) and her clothes were a couple of sizes too small.

First off, she was standing outside the door. When my hubby opened the door for me, and she tried to walk in like my husband was the doorman! Not a big deal, but I didn't let her sneak through me anyway.

We were in line and she was directly behind us. As we were getting done with our orders, we hear her say,"saempel, pless." And the older ladies serving people were baffled. What is a "saemple?"

"Gev me a littel bet to taest... Saemple, pless."

Ahh!!! She wanted a sample.

I saw my husband stifle a laugh. The ladies behind the counter were looking at Alice like she had gone out of her mind. Not only is her hair fried blond. So is her brain, apparently.

It took her forever to order food as she insisted on speaking only English while responding to the ladies behind the counter who were talking to her in Tagalog. Finally, she got some "seeneegaeng".

Hahay, si Inday Alice. Bag-o pa tingali nidunggo.

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