Feb 20, 2007

Month of Love - PEEVErero

I'm peeved. The probability of me actually getting to see my family in the Philippines before the third trimester of my pregnancy is little to none. Needless to say, it is frustrating, as I sure miss them. There. That explains the title.

The second thing to family here are my Bisaya friends. But some of them have differences to settle among themselves, so the regular outings, parties and chat sessions have not been the same. Well that, and a host of other reasons prevents me from hanging out with them all the time. I am still trying to convince Joen and Maudester; and Jill Kristy to move here.

So I visit a Filipino forum just to see how other Filipinas are doing in the US of A. It's a different forum from the old one I used to frequent, but still has the same feel. While most people are nice, there are some that are openly hostile to others. Its a forum, and people can say whatever they think. And frankly, it is quite entertaining. Well, most of the time.

It says a lot about the culture(or sub-culture -- those who relocated to the States). Some threads reminds me of grade school cliques. "I'm on xxxxx's side, and we're better than you" seems to be some people's motto. Some people just can't be happy for other people's successes. Some people just don't know when not share TMI--Too Much Information. While I don't mind TMI, I understand that there are some who can't stand it.

One has to remember that while wearing a bikini in Boracay is no big deal, it is a big deal if you wore one at your conservative barangay's beach. And the forum is almost a barangay in itself. And not all members are in Boracay mode. I bet some of the Filipina members would not even wear a one piece swimsuit in Boracay! So unless you have the healthiest of all self-image and can handle the emotional flogging, go ahead and share your swimsuit pic, like one member did.

Aside from differences like that, the forum is still very welcoming. Very informative. It is a great place for couples to support each other through the whole immigration process. Yup, conquering that mountain of paperwork just to be with your significant other can be a harrowing experience. Top that with adjusting to another culture PLUS adjusting to a new climate. THAT's a lot for any one person. Just try transporting Bangus into the Great Lakes. I'm sure it would be tough for the fish.

One more thing. Roosters in Cebu say: 'Tik-tilaaaaoooookkkk!!!'; roosters in the States go 'cock-a-doodle-doo'. Here (<---- click)is a recording of a rooster and how World Languages transcribe the sound. It maybe the same sound, but different folks see things differently. Basta, mao ra gud nang manoka. Di nalang ta maglalis

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