Feb 7, 2007

Loooooooong Day

Yesterday was a long day.

Caught the flu, so I stayed home. Later that afternoon, I was on my way to my husband's office to pick him up when a pick-up truck plowed into the back of my brand new BMW 5 series on the freeway. Yup. Five months pregnant, brand new car, and this guy ran into the back of my car.

I was in the exit lane, not moving, in heavy traffic. There was a green van in front of me. Then I saw the truck coming from the left lane and cut in behind me. I couldn't believe it when I saw that it wasn't gonna stop. I have to admit I was swearing. I braced for the impact, and sure enough, it came. My foot was on the brakes, but my car was sent forward and rammed into the van in front of me. Another impact.

Luckily, I read somewhere that the seatbelt should be below the belly in case of an accident. The seatbelt didnt go tight around my swollen belly at all. It did feel tight near my neck and shoulder. The airbags didn't go off, nor did I hit the steering wheel.

I was scared to death. My first thought was to move the car to the side before worse things happen but my car wouldn't move. I called my husband to come help me, as the lady in the van in front of me called 911. I couldn't believe what my car looked like.

The trunk was open, the bumper looked like a shark bit into it, my front and back license plates were on the ground, all the lights at the back were broken and the front was badly scratched. The back windshield was broken into a million little chips.

About 30 seconds later, there was a CHP officer who helped me move my car to the side and made sure everyone was okay. There was a child in the van in front of me, and luckily, she was okay. The driver who hit me was okay, too. His truck took a beating, too. The front's all bent and twisted.

My husband came and helped me deal with the papers that the cops needed to make the reports, and not very long later, a tow truck came and took my car. My insurance would take care of it, I hear. Either the car gets repaired, or totalled, the technicalities of which are lost on me. Luckily, I know my husband would help me take care of those matters later.

Later that night, my husband took me to a Sharks game to take my mind off the accident. It was pretty entertaining, I thought. Knowing nothing about hockey, it was the fighting that broke loose in the rink that was most entertaining. At one point five players were penalized for fighting. Unfortunately, the Sharks lost to the Ducks(7-3, I think).

Lying in bed, I was trying to feel if the baby is still moving. I kept thinking how I could have left earlier or later and not be in that accident. Or I could have gotten a Z4, and the baby and I would have been hurt. Or I could have been driving my old car. Or I could have just not left the house at all. So many what-ifs.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna see the doctor again to make sure that the baby is okay. I pray that everything is okay. I know I wouldn't forgive that guy if JellyBean is harmed. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. A woman scorned is nothing compared a mother protecting her child.

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