Jan 5, 2007

Last year, our friend Mark had a Dilbert calendar. You know, one of those cartoon-a-day things that sit on your desk. Dilbert is particularly funny, too.

Last year, I also thought it was ridiculous to spend more than a couple of dollars on a calendar. Seriously, I grew up thinking calendar's should be for free. We always got calendars from Cebeco, Julie's Bakeshop or PNOC. They worked just fine, too. Over here, PG&E don't give away free calendars.

But after I saw Mark's Dilbert calendar, I was totally impressed. It IS probably worth more than two dollars. It is a smile inducer just waiting for when you glance at it. Over Christmas, I didn't buy calendars in case I received them as gifts, and I wanted to wait until the post-Christmas sales happen.

Last night, we went to Book Heaven A, also known as Barnes and Noble. I try not to go to book heavens too much. It costs a lot, and I spend so much time reading. A lot of times, I read in the tub until the water gets cold. I am THAT bad. Only a nice big headache would stop me. Last week alone, I read The Last Templar and Shopaholic and Sister. In a span of three days.

Oops, back to the main point: calendars. There was a pile of calendars on sale at Barnes and Noble last night. All kinds of them. I wanted to buy them all! Aside from Dilbert, there were things like Shoe-a-Day, Purse-a-Day, Bitch-a-Day, Cross Stitch-a-Day, National Lampoon, Bible Verse-a-Day, Zen sayings, Horoscope-a-Day for every single Zodiac Sign, Calligraphy, Crochet Pattern-a-Day, and all kinds of cool stuff! I couldn't decide for a long time. I finally bought Origami-a-Day and Sticker-a-Day. Yes, two calendars for me. After all, they were 50% off! One for my desk at home, and one of my office was my excuse. '

Here is January 1's Origami for the Day, a Nightingale:

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