Dec 22, 2006

The Dog Whisperer

I saw this show on the National Geographic Channel. This guy, Cesar Millan, can actually handle any kind of stupid, crazy, cranky dogs! It is simply amazing!

One time, this little demon chihuahua thinks its human is its bitch, so no one can go near its owner. The chihuahua attacks anyone who comes near its owner. Cesar went and held the little imp by the neck and pushed it down on the couch when it tried to attack him. Calm assertive, he says. Be calm assertive. Pretty much, the little pooch surrendered and stopped trying to kill anyone who comes near his master.

I was thinking, of course he can do that to a little chihuahua! Let's see how he fares against a crazy pit bull or rottweiler. He handles both breeds well, I later found out. His technique is to make dogs understand that he is dominant. Not aggressive. Dominant. He said that aggressive has nothing to do with being dominant. Oprah is not aggressive, but she is dominant. Get the picture?

I wonder how well he would do against the regular "irong buang" from the Philippines?

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