Dec 12, 2006

Christmas Shopping

This Christmas, the Chinen clan came up with a great new idea: gifts must be $3 or less. I think its a great thing since its really hard to come up with gifts for the people here. Back in the Philippines, its pretty easy to determine what family and friends need or want. Over here, most of these people have everything they need or want. Well, at least those that are within our budget.

It turns out, finding a great gift for $3 or less is even tougher. Well, one can always get stuff from the dollar store, but the things that you find there are rarely worth keeping. Sus, sa Cebu, one can get tons of stuff for less than P150. Unsaon nalang ani!

Right now, I have a collection of pens and notepads from various dollar stores. Not exactly the brightest idea since most of these people probably get nicer pens and notepads from their offices for free. I'm sure they would appreciate anything, but man, a great $3 gift is hard to come by here.

And then it hit me! Somehow, lunch-deprived brain came up with a brilliant solution. If one can get great stuff from the Philippines for less than $3, then get it there! The $3 rule didn't say anything on shipping and handling. Hehe.. And although shipping might turn out to be more expensive than the actual stuff, it should not matter that much, coz that would ensure maximum satisfaction of the giver and receiver :D. Not only do I get to give the nicest gifts, they would be from the Philippines! Mabuhay!

Hahay, bibo unta Pasko diri. Sosyal pa jud, pero lahi ra jud sa amo uy! Naay mo-sponsor round trip ticket diha? Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to spend Christmas with my husband and in-laws and friends. They are very nice people. But if I could have one more wish come true, I wish to spend Christmas with EVERYONE I love.

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