Nov 1, 2006

South Park

One of the most shocking things to a Filipina new to the States has to be South Park. It is something that was seen on Philippine Television for a little bit, according to a reliable source. My guess is that its level of profanity was probably beyond many people's grasp, rendering it less funny. I thought it was so weird that there are people who think that South Park is funny. Over time, and exposure to people who have South Park-esque personalities, I was converted! I actually think South Park is funny most of the time!

Well, I like the episode about Tom Cruise, the one with Jennifer Lopez, and that other one about Barbara Streisand. It wasn't so funny how they slaughtered Chef when the Chef guy turned out to be a Scientologist, though. I thought that was unnecessary. But what should anyone expect from South Park, right? It would be wrong for South Park to treat Chef's exit any other way.

It is odd how South Park is popular in a country where people are so protective of their kids. Where teachers and parents can't discipline kids the way kids are disciplined in the Philippines. I wonder if parents secretly watch South Park like it's some forbidden treat only adults are meant to enjoy?

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KIM said...

You're the only one I know among our friends who likes South Park like I do. I proudly told Patrick about it. ;)