Nov 2, 2006

Check Your Pockets!

Last week, I did the laundry. Normally, I am thorough with checking pockets for loose change, receipts, whatever. This time, I was not as thorough as I hoped. A phone call interrupted my inspection of the pile of jeans, and I missed one thing: a stone in my husband's jean pocket.

It's a pretty little stone we picked up on one of our trips, and I put it in the jean pocket when I packed our suitcase. There. Stone's presence explained. Stone was left in the jean pocket. That part's explained, too.

On that fateful day, stone went through laundry. Not bad. I never noticed anything out of the ordinary with the laundry. Stone was fine through a regular cycle in cold water. Next thing was the dryer, of course. Jeans, tons of jeans, and Stone went into the dryer. Low heat.

I was watching TV, and I could hear this banging sound coming from the dryer. I thought it sounded like a stone banging against the inside of the dryer. I was worried I might have left a belt on one of the jeans. After looking for it for a while, I thought it must have been one of the buttons. I ignored the periodic banging noise and waited for the dryer to finish drying those jeans up.

As soon as the dryer turned off, I unloaded it, and guess what rolled out of the pile of dry jeans? Stone, of course. As pretty as ever. Maybe a little warm. I looked around the inside of the dryer, satisfied that it was not dented at all, proceeded to iron the jeans.

Yesterday, my husband asked me to patch up one of his front jean pockets. There's a mysterious hole in it, he said. Oops. It looks like Stone's exit point. Gotta check pockets before washing clothes. Especially if you have a knack for putting weird things in them.

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