Jul 13, 2006

San Diego

San Diego, California - all sun, surf, good food and tons of fun! It was worth the long drive, and the long ardous search for a hotel when we got there at 2am on July 2. We didn't book a hotel - we wanted to be spontaneous - which kinda backfired. Well, we were booked to go somewhere else but we changed our minds.

It seemed like everyone wanted to spend the Independence Day (and my birthday)weekend in San Diego. We drove up to pretty much every single hotel and motel in downtown and La Jolla, but all of them were fully booked. Finally, at 4am, we found a nice hotel that had a one room available. A hot shower and crawling into fresh sheets is the best feeling in the world when you've just been through a 9-hour drive.

We had a late start the next day, of course. We were going to go to Sea World, but it looked like the rest of the world was headed there too. So we decided to go to La Jolla Shores. That's where I learned to kayak and met my new favorite outdoor activity: boogieboarding.

We rented an ocean kayak. The waves close to shore were a too big, I was thrown overboard when a really big one hit the kayak. This is not much fun, I thought. Things were way better when we finally went beyond where the waves break, but it got boring after a while. We returned to the kayak rental shop and decided to get boogieboards.

The first wave I caught on the boogieboard made me decide I certainly would do it again. The thrill of riding a wave from where it starts to break, all the way to the edge of the shore is simply one of the best feelings in the world in my book. It was so much fun, I didn't even mind having to make my way back to where the waves break, which is like a hundred feet or so.

After a couple of hours, we were totally hungry so we went and had a really hearty dinner. We then found a nicer hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter and rested. Don't you just love getting the chance to sleep in and not go to work? I do.

Our San Diego vacation was one of the best. It was the weekend of my birthday, and it didn't really start out well, having to stay up really late driving and looking for a hotel. I hated that one particular wave that knocked me off the kayak. However, right after I caught my first wave on a boogieboard, I haven't met a big wave I didn't like.


Kim said...

Hey Oona! Looking great in that bikini, girl! It's been awhile. Any more rendezvouz? By the way, I didn't read the whole thing but did you say you are from Argao? I have a couple acquaintances and relatives there. I'll be coming by more often. Ciao.

daisy said...

Hello OOn.. your birthday weekend sounds FUN! Even if that waves thingy is not that fun for you but you learn to love it in a lil while, I still wish that Im there with you having fun just like a year ago past:) Its sad to think that we only got a lil chance to get together there but its so much fun than anything else.. very special to me... And im still looking that day to come to spend time a gain with you guys.. that time Ill make sure that its longer and more funnier.... Im Glad to read this blog its a lot of driving! LOL but i think its worth it..... I pray to have more fun for you guys to come, work and explore! I love you and take care always there... Like before I am always here for you to listen your problems and worries in life I miss you so much Ayo-ayo dha iya dont work too hard! muahhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Isn't it spelled arduous?????

talksmart said...

So you maintain a blog too..:-) Why won't you update your blog more often so i could include you to my "Filipino Blog of the Week" voting?

I have this blog that is getting very popular every minute in the blogosphere..hehehe. You can get traffic if ever you'd be featured :-)

Eric (dipdip's salas bro)

carla said...

Ahem..Closer view on my dear friend nana wearing the ..what was she wearing? heheheh. WOW sexy gurl ha=) You two look great! Miss you..