Jul 13, 2006

Fourth of July Pics

The Ladies of Our Gents - Oona, Sarah and (Mom)Doris.

From San Diego, Darren and I drove straight to his parents' house in Vallejo. Another 7 hour drive. Thankfully, when we got there at around 2am(again), food was ready. Mom rocks!

The next day, or more correctly, later that day, we went to the waterfront to watch the rubber ducky race. People adopted rubber duckies for about $5. The duckies, with their 'parents' names on them, were dumped in a cordoned area of water where they floated off to a finish line. We didn't actually see the race because we were late, but we got some nice pics of all the duckies at the finish line:

We were also lucky enough to catch some shots with the official rubber ducky car, the Quackmobile:

Just kidding. I made up the name.

The rest of the day, we went around a local fair, where we found some really good barbecue.

Later that night, we saw the fireworks at Six Flags Marine World. I tried to get some good pics, but looks like they didn't turn out so well. The last one looks like a coconut tree =)

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