Sep 19, 2009

My So-Called Boring Life

Lately, it has been feedings and diaper changes and lots of bad reality tv shows day after day. There really isn't much you can do that does not require hands. The hands are usually feeding the baby, changing diapers, doing chores or just plain useless while I'm playing catch-up on sleep.

Before having kids, I didn't understand how some women gush about how fulfilled and happy they are while being "just mom". I want a career, be the perfect mom to my kids and have a perfectly-ran house (I'm talking about home-cooked meals and ironed laundry). I was so sure I can do it. Oh boy, was I wrong.

Today, I was in a particularly bad mood after another sleepless night. What made it even worse was all the noise at my new neighbor's house while they are doing renovations. And the heat was terrible. The laundry has piled up and there were dishes to wash and baby bottles to sterilize. And there wasn't anything good on TV. And I ran out of energy points on Mafia Wars. Then when I was burping the baby, she smiled at me. All of a sudden, everything is just fine.

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